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Every day is a new opportunity to win or learn. Never fail, but to be tested and not succeed.

We are in a time where everyone can have a voice. Some may think thats a good thing, some may not. I am one who chooses to weed out the noise on social media. I take everything I hear w/ a grain of salt because of how easy it is for folks to get a platform now.

There are courses, and videos, and podcasts and everything under the sun that is intended on teaching us how to have "mental toughness".

But truly there is only one way, acceptance. Acceptance of your wins, and acceptance of your losses. "Mental Toughness" is actually boiled down to something very simple...choice.

You simply have a choice every day to approach things with mental toughness.

Sounds simple? It is.

You choose how you react. You choose how situations affect your mindset.

@ Triumph, you can apply it in all the rooms:

'This cycle song is "too fast" for me, I cant do it"


"This boxing combo is too complicated, I cant do it"


"This plank song is too long for me to hold, I cant do it"


"This stretch is impossible for me to accomplish, I cant do it"


See. It's a simple shift of mindset. You don't need some bullshit online masterclass to figure it out, you just DO.

I challenge you to DO. Today.

You vs You for a NEW YOU.


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