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Secure your membership pricing for 1 full year @ a lower rate than paying monthly. Lock up your gear for that same year with a personalized locker of your choice. Never have to carry your shoes, gloves or bands ever again!

FIRST MONTH FREE. Yes, for BOTH memberships. Start a 8X Army Membership ($129) & a Triumph 1v1 Virtual Nutrition ($100) w/ the coach of your choosing during Black Week and don't pay a single penny to activate it. Regular 3 month commitment after the 1st month applies.

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BF 1 YEAR VIP (17 x 17 in) (9).png

Not ready for a membership yet? That's cool. We got you. Get these bad boys for yourself or apply them to a Physical Gift Card and give the gift of Triumph this holiday season. Massively discounted classes ONLY during Black Week 2021 so snatch them up! Expiration date is 2/1/22